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We're excited to hear you perform for Concert Series!
Here's some helpful information to get you started.

MOAH:CEDAR concert series is a paid gig, streamed virtually every fourth Saturday of the month. We invite the most talented artists in the Antelope Valley to come jam with us for an evening in the museum.


Application Submission

If you haven't already, please fill out the Concert Performance Application, with all the necessary information and attach any band logo's or band images that you may have on hand.

What you can expect:


- Acts are paid $100 for 30 minute sets

- Performers should arrive an hour before their allotted set-time

- MOAH staff will meet them to load-in their gear as soon as they arrive, and they can use any time leftover until we need to begin set-up to relax, grab snacks, use the restroom, etc.

- Each act plays for 30 minutes unless specifically asked to do otherwise

- Bands must bring all of their own equipment with the exceptions being: PA system, microphones, power strips, & all or parts of their drum kits. (5-piece Pearl backline kit available upon request.)


-The Concert Series live stream is filmed on the third floor of MOAH, not MOAH: Cedar. Address: 665 W Lancaster Blvd


  1. All equipment must be loaded in through the back entrance of MOAH.(There is a parking lot and loading area that acts can use.)

  2. Masks are required for all band members during setup, but may be removed during performances.

  3. All band members should arrive within an hour of their set time.

  4. Only performing band members are allowed into the MOAH building.

  5. No drugs (including alcohol and cannabis) may be brought in/consumed on MOAH property. Violations will result in a ban.

  6. In order to be paid, all acts must complete a W-9 tax form and invoice.

  7. Concert Series is an uncensored program. All language is permitted so long as it is not hate speech. 

  8. Have fun!


W-9 Form Information

W9 forms are issued to performers prior to payment for tax and record keeping purposes.

To learn more about why W-9 forms are necessary please visit

(The W-9 looks like this.


Invoice Information

Invoices are requested from performers for record keeping purposes.

Please note: The name and address listed on the invoice must match the name and address listed on the W-9.

(Feel free to use this one as an example.)

Got a question? Email us at

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