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Matt Picon

Coyotes, Whiskey and Fireworks

August 12, 2017 - September 23, 2017

Juried Show 2024 Cover_300x-8.png

Matt Picon was born and raised throughout Southern California and is currently living and working in El Paso, Texas. With a background in photography and graphic design, his work moved to site-specific interventions and video installations prior to obtaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Intermedia at Arizona State University in 2013.

He invested in creating relationships between traditional and non-traditional materials and how they communicate form, history and purpose to the viewer. The objects and installations vary on material use, but are mainly constructed of repurposed wood and steel with other conventional materials applied in alternative ways.

Sculptures from a recent body of work entitled “Coyotes, Whiskey, and Fireworks,” are based on historical research, observations and personal experiences in the Mojave Desert, specifically the Antelope Valley. Calling Lancaster home during his formative years, Picon found it necessary to revisit and focus on not just his memories of the region but also the stories that came before his own. In response, Picon has created sculptures and installations that address the landscape, suburban development, homesteads, historical forms and personal stories.

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