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Lancaster Photography Association

Living in the Mojave

February 22, 2020 - March 2020

Juried Show 2024 Cover_300x-8.png

The Lancaster Photography Association (LPA) is a non-profit organization formed in the 1960s by local photographers who wanted to share their love and enthusiasm for photography. LPA promotes education, information, inspiration, and opportunity for all persons interested in photography and that supports the philanthropic endeavors in the community through photography. The exhibition, Living in the Mojave, centers around the entire breadth of life and experience present within the Antelope Valley.


Bob Fields,Carol Moss, Christine Wilkins, Darren Cole, Dean Webb, David G. Wilkins, Fran Marroquin, John Geldermann, Kathryn Newman, Lidia Csernyey, Oran Z. Belgrave Sr., Robert A. Miranda, Shirl Airov-Bieling, Terry E. Dickerson, Thomas Van Langenhoven,

Tom Jordan

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