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Jodi Bonassi

Bird by Bird

January 8, 2022 - March 13, 2022

Juried Show 2024 Cover_300x-8.png

The beauty of drawing birds opened artist Jodi Bonassi’s heart to self-reflection and to the mysteries of nature and the universe. The bird soars, linking all the elements together. Earth and sky and water all flow continuously. She looked up, away from the complications of being human. She drew and painted birds on paper and canvas. There were shopping bags accumulated during the pandemic... she re-purposed the bags and drew a bird on each one to symbolize the temporary nature of all things.

Birds symbolize freedom and Bonassi wanted to be free. She was accepted to the Parliament of Owls Ayatana Research Residency - a bird residency and bird school for nature artists. She found camaraderie among other artists from all over the world. On Instagram, Bonassi now know artists globally in a deeper way. Nature is a collaborative link that is deeper. She posted on Instagram and received a tremendous outpouring of interest from bird enthusiasts, nature photographers and everyday people who want to create.

Beyond patience and the wonderfully relaxing nature of studying the birds, Bonassi found others wanting her to draw the birds they had taken pictures of. This series is a confirmation that we all seek to journey together through creating. Bonassi has felt a serenity and connection to others not previously felt. Thankfully she has a lot of patience as drawing a bird requires deep concentration. Every small thought disappears. You are mindful and free to soar…

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