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Sonja Schenk

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January 8, 2015

Sonja Schenk is an artist based in Los Angeles. She began as a video artist and has since turned to painting and sculpture. She has participated in group shows at the Vincent Price Art Museum, the Berkeley Art Center, Tarfest LA, and Cerritos College Art Gallery. Her work has been featured in NY Arts Magazine, the Eastbay Express, the San Francisco Chronicle, Forth magazine, and at She has had shows in Northern California, Los Angeles and has been invited to do a site-specific work at a museum in Switzerland, her first show outside the U.S.

Noah Thomas' exploration of sound is influenced by landscape and by an internal landscape/soundscape embodied in the construction of ‘place.’ Thomas’ improvisational practice currently uses the analogue manipulation of sound from a variety of sources, looped digitally and offset in time to create a sense of space/place. The instruments he uses include trumpet, cedar flute, conch, keyboard, Theremin, tonal percussion instruments, sound toys and natural objects.

Thomas used a variety of these instruments to interpret Sonja Schenk’s paintings and sculptures during the opening reception. Just as the physical landscape delivers a wide range of sensory cues, clues and delights, so do Thomas’ soundscape. Together with Sonja Schenk’s works, which stack and crumble, rise and fall like the terrain, they become a new construction of place.

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