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Artbound: Regarding Us

Through the Antelope Valley Art Outpost, the Regarding Us project developed, giving insight to the arts and cultural environment in the Antelope Valley. Written by our MOAH:CEDAR curator, Robert Benitez, read the article featured on KCET's Artbound.

"It is a vital time for the greater Antelope Valley. New economic opportunities stemming from the region’s flourishing technology and environmental sustainability sectors are coinciding with noticeable cultural changes. To support these shifts, MOAH is spearheading the development of a five-year Cultural Master Plan, including an arts-in-public-places policy. Not only are artists an essential part of our community, but they will bring a vital perspective and critical lens to the planning process. Together, we will grow with, from and through these cultural interactions, and our communities will directly reflect that growth.

The "Regarding Us Chain Letter Project" and the Cultural Master Plan are tied to our unique identity, engaging people from our community and allowing them to experience the local richness of the arts firsthand."

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