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Snezana Saraswati Petrovic

Collateral Damage

July 6, 2019 - August 18, 2019

Juried Show 2024 Cover_300x-8.png

Collateral Damage

“collateral damage n. : injury inflicted on something other than an intended target; specif : civilian casualties of a military operation”

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

"Collateral Damage is an immersive installation that speaks of the damage and harm in nature that we, humans, are causing unintentionally.

As the gardeners of our environment and lives, we need to become aware of our destiny, while sharing the responsibility and love for nature and all life as an indivisible global network that needs sunlight, air and water to continue its survival. The impermanence of our own existence is immersed and inseparable from this blue island, in the black lonely universe.

The immersive and interactive aspects of the installations intend to bring an awareness to the warning signs of unintended destruction of the ocean, coral reefs and water resources via playful interactions with different kinds of beauty, set up in a possible post-apocalyptic plastic-fantastic-future."

-Snezana Saraswati Petrovic

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