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every first and third
sunday of the month

MOAH:CEDAR hosts a series of workshops to guide participants in making their own small-batch, self-published, creative magazine. The Zine Workshops are an opportunity for ages 12+ and adults to get inspired, share their unique visions, and produce work with supplies courtesy of the Andrew Frieder Creative Space.


Workshops begin at 5 PM every first and third Sunday of the month.

Also join in on our mini Zine Workshop sessions, held in conjunction with Spotlight Cafe every Friday at 5 PM.

MOAH:CEDAR’s first Zine Workshop took place July 3 at 5pm, allowing zine-makers from the region a greater opportunity to share and distribute their creative work.

“Among the various intentions for creation and publication are developing one's identity, sharing a niche skill or art, or developing a story, as opposed to seeking profit. Zines have served as a significant medium of communication in various subcultures, and frequently draw inspiration from a “do-it-yourself” philosophy that disregards the traditional conventions of professional design and publishing houses, proposing an alternative, confident, and self-aware contribution. Historically, zines have provided community for socially isolated individuals or groups through the ability to express and pursue common ideas and subjects. For this reason, zines have cultural and academic value as tangible traces of marginal communities, many of which are otherwise little-documented. “ - Wikipedia

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