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Artist As Subject

Produced by Eric Minh Swenson, these two videos encompass an overview of the entire Artist as Subject exhibition, as well as a spotlight video on his own show in the exhibition, Art Stars. Art Stars covers over 160 images of art world luminaries that Eric Minh Swenson has taken over the years. The largest issue of Coagula ever in its 24 year history. Artists, writers, curators, dealers, publicists, museum directors. Could be the largest art world survey taken in a short amount of time.

Eric Minh Swenson grew up in San Antonio, Texas through his father discovered the craft of photography. Swenson captures moments that are spontaneous and impromptu while utilizing color and texture to expand his artistic horizon. He shares that the inspiration comes through architecture, vibrant landmarks, music, and various other art forms, relating to Fauvist techniques. After a move to Hollywood in the 1990’s, Swenson found a passion in cinema and began to produce documentaries and promos for other artists, curators and fine art collectors. His art focuses on celebrating the culture and art of Southern California and how it is always developing just like he is. Eric Swenson was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but relocated shortly after. Though he never took an art class prior to college, he graduated with a Fine Arts Degree after attending both the University of Texas in San Antonio and Brigham Young University in Utah. Upon receiving his degree, Swenson went on to form a film society, producing over 600 short films as well as producing and directing four feature length narrative films and a documentary. Swenson has also relentlessly photographed art openings across the Southland, ardently bringing the milieu to the public eye while capturing artists, collectors and enthusiasts in situ. In 2001, he moved to the Southern California. Through his emphasis on the documentation of the Los Angeles art scene, Swenson focuses much of his attention on bringing public awareness into the realm of art as a cultural experience.

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