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Boulevard art show to wrap up today

LANCASTER — POW! WOW! AV 2018 concludes today with a block party along Lancaster Boulevard and the chance for the public to meet the artists of POW! WOW! AV and The New Vanguard II exhibition.

The New Vanguard II opening is scheduled from 2 to 6 p.m. to celebrate the culmination of POW! WOW! AV 2018, and the addition of 19 new murals to the BLVD Cultural District and immediate surrounding areas.

POW! WOW! AV artists including Tina Dille of Tehachapi, Nuri Amanatullah of Quartz Hill, Mikey Kelly, and Scott Listfield, painted their murals last week.

“I think it’s so cool because everybody can see the artwork and it’s all different types of artwork; it’s not all one type,” Dille said.

Dille’s raven’s head is on the side of a building at 759 Lancaster Blvd., in the rear off Fern Avenue.

“It goes fast when you spray paint,” Dille said during a break in painting.

Dille is a contemporary animal artists who has worked with watercolors and fluid acrylics on synthetic paper and canvases. Her husband Mike filmed the progress of Dille’s work for a time-lapse video.

“We’ve been like fast-forward filming, like the whole three hours is like five minutes,” Mike Dille said.

Dille took the opportunity to watch how other artists painted their murals.

“I guess everybody’s painting differently; I’ve been talking to a lot of the mural artists. They’re all doing it differently,” Dille said.

The POW! WOW! Block Party festivities will include workshops such as the POW! WOW! Print Lab hosted by this year’s artist-in-residence, Amy Kaps, at MOAH:CEDAR; an additional workshop which will take place at the Lancaster Performing Arts Center; special tours held at the Western Hotel Museum; a car show along Lancaster BLVD; and musical performances on the museum’s outdoor stage, by Vultures of Vinyl, Lazy Beam, Thanks, Weird Puppy, Jimini Picasso, New Character, and Witchin Alleys; as well as delicious tacos from 1800. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to meet the artists of POW!WOW! AV and The New Vanguard II.

The 2018 artist line up for POW!WOW! AV includes artists Hueman (Cal­if­or­nia); Super A (Netherlands); Lauren YS (Cal­if­or­nia); Ekundayo (Cal­if­or­nia); Jeff Soto (Cal­if­or­nia); Christopher Konecki (Cal­if­or­nia); Emily Ding (Texas); Amir Fallah (Cal­if­or­nia); Mikey Kelly (Cal­if­or­nia); Scott Listfield (Massachusetts); Carly Ealey (Cal­if­or­nia); Nuri Amanatullah (Cal­if­or­nia); Andrew Hem (Cal­if­or­nia); Tina Dille (Cal­if­or­nia); Aaron de la Cruz (Cal­if­or­nia); Amy Sol (Nevada); Tran Nguyen (Vietnam); Julius Eastman (Cal­if­or­nia); Dan Witz (New York); Jaune (Belgium); Slinkachu (Great Britain); Spenser Little (Cal­if­or­nia); Darcy Yates (Cal­if­or­nia); Craig “Skibs” Barker (Cal­if­or­nia); and MOUF (Texas).

The exhibition, The New Vanguard II, is curated by Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles. The exhibit will include four solo shows by artists Sandra Chevrier, Brooks Salzwedel, Seth Armstrong, and Craig “Skibs” Barker. Additionally, the exhibition will feature site specific installations by HOTXTEA, Laurence Vallieres, Andrew Hem, Dan Witz, Jaune, Isaac Cordal and Spenser Little, along with a group exhibit in the main gallery of more than 40 international, new contemporary artists.

The Lancaster Museum of Art and History is dedicated to strengthening awareness, enhancing accessibility, and igniting the appreciation of art, history, and culture in the Antelope Valley through dynamic exhibitions, innovative educational programs, creative community engagement, and a vibrant collection that celebrates the richness of the region. The museum is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday with extended hours until 8 p.m. Thursday.

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